Rcpowers Rcpowers. com Rcpowers Extra Rcpowers F22 Rcpowers Extra Rcpowers Forum Rcpowers Plans Rcpowers Youtube Rcpowers Download. 10 Jul This is the famous RC Powers Extra build-it-yourself foamy. PecanGrower has an RCPowers post with two great videos demonstrating.

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Files Rcpowers extra 300 all Files in thread ExtraS RCSuperPowers Just one more flight MartinTMay 29, I rcpowers extra 300 the extra again this morning. Hey guys, I’m new to this flying business Haven’t really got an idea of what kind of motor, radio, prop, battery, etc. Nelson, you can setup the extra with 2 servos, but its not easy.

I still have to install rcppwers electrics,but I 30 it’s going to be a nice one. Hey Bill, saw rcpowerrs doing a knife edge with your new plane when I cut rcpowers extra 300 the park on the way to work this AM I then did some mild aerobatics and rolling circles, etc.

RCPowersMay 24, It does return to normal once the air load is removed. I also rcpowers extra 300 the plans, but then got busy with other builds. May 25, Which is sort of the same concept with the flat construction of the airframe, when in flight, say further than about rcpowers extra 300 meter 30 feet away, when the “finer details” can’t be seen anymore your brain tells you that it looks perfectly ok!

You must log in or sign up to reply here. After exrra roll of about 15 feet she rotated to vertical, whereupon I reduced the throttle and brought it into a rcpowers extra 300 hover about 25 feet up. Here are the piccies: Looking for suggestions for a Extra with free plans.

NuttyPro67 Cant you feel the freedom. Share This Page Tweet. Oh yes i was blind sorry and Thanks for the answers.

extra 300 rc power build

Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search. One thing I was concerned about was the “floppyness” for lack of a better word of the EPP, by that I mean the amount rcpowers extra 300 it can twist. I fly mine with the center of gravity right on the wing spar, or 1.

Maybe you could shed some light on what propeller, ESC and battery is good for this motor? So to make a long introductory short: Jul 30, Here it is ready to fly at 15 rcpowers extra 300.

I know I can go get a cheap one with motor and esc but like most people I would like to use rcpowerrs I have laying around.

May 19, Well, the winds finally subsided enough this evening that I was able to go out to the park and test fly rcpowers extra 300 new Extra under the stadium lights after dark. rcpowers extra 300

Extra Free plans – RC Groups

Flybyknight22MrBakerrcpowers extra 300 and 3 others like this. RobMacMay 29, Post some flight videos if you can when she gets flight worthy. Extra Power Setup Question. Finally, after 4 years with RCPowers foamjets, I think it’s time extrx say Flybyknight22 and namljayawardna like this.

What a paint job and rcpowers extra 300 wheels take it to the next level.

Hi Where is the point of gravity of your plane? It was more stable with the cg moved forward and was easier to hover. ScottLottJun 17, The rudder is nice for 3D moves rcpowers extra 300 fighting the wind but if you dont have that extra channel don’t combine the aileron and rudder.

Anyway, it still flew great. ScottLottJun 16, Sign up now to rcpowers extra 300 ads between posts.

Something rather important will be added here at a later time.